“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  ~ Mark Twain

I am Dr. Steve and I am a registered psychological assistant (PSB33858) to clinical psychologist Angela Spenser, Ph.D (PSY15450).

I never knew that I was going to be a healer when I grew up, but my friends certainly saw that potential in me. Over the years, people from all walks of life have felt comfortable and safe sharing their personal secrets with me, and I have always been more than happy and willing to help them sort out issues from relationship conflicts to personal identity confusion. My skills and sense of responsibility for helping others developed in college where I became a peer counselor and realized my passion for psychology and the healing arts. From there, I applied to a doctoral program in psychology and am now a doctor of clinical psychology.

With over 7 years and 3,000 hours of professional clinical experience, I specialize in treating men’s issues, addictions, and other concerns such as depression and anxiety. Dr. Spenser and I also offer testing and evaluation with an emphasis on personality assessment and career matching.

In addition to my work as a psychological assistant in the San Diego area, I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Applied Behavioral Sciences at Ashford University. I am also a nationally syndicated mental health and wellness columnist for the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Feel free to contact me or my supervisor if you would like to make an appointment. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

My Office
Located just a few minutes north of Downtown San Diego, my office is in a business suite that is shared with other therapists and Dr. Spenser. I think you will find it a safe, welcoming, and comfortable location. There is always plenty of parking just outside the building.

My Philosophy for Therapy and Counseling
I encourage people to develop a sense of personal freedom by deepening their self-understanding, changing harmful patterns, and helping them develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating to others. In general, I use an evidence-based approach that combines my personal experience working as a healer, your values and preferences, and scientific theories that many therapists commonly use.

Personal growth and development is a process that is unique to each individual that comes into my office, but it always happens in a safe and supportive environment where we will be able to work together to explore your concerns and work toward your goals.

San Diego Counselor and Therapist



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